I am writing on behalf of Richard Bell. I have worked with Richard over the past several years, but from my earliest memories as a child, I remember my grandmother, Alix Matthews, saying she was on her way to meet with Richard Bell. This would come after a long discussion with my grandfather, Jim Matthews, about an issue or crisis that needed to be addressed in each of their companies - The Catlett Corporation and General Properties Inc., which they both owned and served as President. Bell & Company provides so much more then accounting services; they are an ally and are personally invested in your company's success, as well as being a great asset to North Little Rock. Richard and Nell have a phenomenal grasp on tax law and business operation; their skills are unmatched. Since I have lived in Little Rock, I have seen firsthand the knowledge and expertise of Richard and Bell & Company.

After working with Richard for some time, I met Jennifer Bell, who also has many admirable qualities of both Nell and Richard. Bell & Company and all of their employees share many of the same characteristics, including drive and determination. I consider them not only great business partners but loyal friends.

Bell & Company has helped many small businesses, as well as large businesses, succeed. Richard, Nell, and the team have excellent communication and leadership skills to solve any difficult problem. My grandfather, Jim Matthews, has worked with Richard and Nell for 30 plus years. Over those years, there have been many trials and tribulations but with Richard and Nell's apprehension and perception, General Properties Inc. has flourished.

General Properties, Inc.
Vice President
John Matthews

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing today on behalf of Bell and Company PA. I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Griffith, CPA and Amy Morrison, bookkeeper, since November of 2012. Mr. Griffith serves as primary accountant for my business, as well as consulting accountant on another business venture. 

I have found the service at Bell and Company to be exemplary. From the bookkeepers to the attorneys, they have done on outstanding job at promptly handling any questions or concerns. Their internal review process makes me feel confident that both my personal and business finances are in order. They provide a kind and caring atmosphere and are willing to answer questions over and beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend this agency to any of my colleagues.

Kammy Krisell
Krisell Pharmacy & Management, PA.