Episode 4-Careers in Accounting: Strategic Development and Mentoring

Our third installment of the Careers in Accounting Series presents information to help you focus on strategic initiatives to help you advance your career in accounting. If you are still undecided regarding a goal of sitting for the CPA exam, you can still benefit from the practical knowledge associated with setting goals, developing an ongoing plan for professional development, and the benefits of networking and mentoring can have in your career.

Episode 3-Careers in Accounting: Finding What's RIGHT for YOU

You should be searching for a job during the last year of your accounting program. When asked “what are you looking for in your accounting career”, it may be tempting to state “a job in accounting that pays money” but with some added effort you may be able to create multiple opportunities for yourself and enhance some non-accounting skills that will further develop you in your professional career. Explore career opportunities using a variety of recruitment strategies.

Episode 2 - Careers in Accounting: Education Internships and Graduating into a Life of Accounting

This podcast is our first in a series of discussions regarding careers in accounting. We’ve chosen this topic above all others at the moment because the timing of the recording coincides with the beginning of the fall semester and Bell & Company participates in student activities with several Schools of Business and Accounting Departments at Universities in Arkansas. Our motivation is to continue an ongoing process to assist students who may be interested in accounting as a career and identify possible candidates who may be interested in starting their professional career in public accounting.

Episode 1 - Bell & Company and the Vision of Accounting for Life

Who is Bell & Company?  Bell & Company is a public accounting and business advisory firm established in 1982 by Richard Bell and his wife, Lee. Richard spent several years working for other accounting firms and serving as controller for a property management company and developed a passion for helping others achieve their financial goals. The firm has grown to include over 38 full time staff with offices in North Little Rock and Conway, AR and we continue to look for opportunities to expand our reach into new markets.